White Gate Trilogy Reviews

How does mastery like this go unnoticed??? – Styll

Awesome arrangements! Sounds from time to time also like early Symphony X. Love it! Cheers – MOONCRY

Wow, I’m blown away! – Michael Paterson

Beautiful orchestral Rock and Roll majesty rolled into an all-star line up of players…. superb job! – Adam Nicholson

Outstanding guitar work. – Mike Glendinning

Brilliant original music and songs guys, you are all very gifted and talented. Absolutely loved everything, awesome recordings, keep up the wonderful work, you are all amazing! God Bless! My very best wishes to you from England, Rob. – Robert Steven Hunt

All I can say is WOW!!! – Nick Cleghorn

Another reason to be a proud Las Vegan, the best Progressive ever made! – September On The Moon

True musical mastery! – Alter Man