With Louis Prima Jr.

Louis Prima JrAs the keyboard player for “Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses” Gregg Fox has had the opportunity to play in front of hundreds of thousands of people as the band travels around the country and does live radio and TV appearances throughout the U.S.
Gregg says “It is such an honor to be a part of the musical history of such a legendary musical influence as Louis Prima! I feel very privileged to be able to keep his music alive as we share it live with people everywhere! What a joy to see their smiling faces and dancing feet as they enjoy our outrageous Prima shows!”
Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses have performed at Jazzfest and the Gretna Heritage Music Festival in New Orleans numerous times and have been featured twice on Access Hollywood “Live” TV.
Their first CD “Return Of The Wildest” was signed on Warrior records with Universal Music Distribution.
Gregg is happy to announce that they have just signed contracts to do the second CD which will be all original music! The band will be going into the famous Capitol Records Studio B recording studio in Hollywood ( where Louis’ father recorded) to record on August 19th!

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I’d like to say congratulations to Louis Jr. for all the success he so much deserves! Louis is a brilliant showman and entertainer and his business savvy and passion for his fathers music is obvious to every person who sees him sing it. I am very blessed to perform with every musician in this multi-talented band. They are all skilled musicians and I love them all dearly! You just can’t imagine the hysterical and magical moments that we all share playing Prima music and traveling together! What an amazing cast of characters! Thank you Louis Jr.!